Advent Calendar 2022

Once again, Alex Coke (flutes, sax) and Elaine Barber (harp) offer a musical calendar to mark the days of Advent with a tune for you every morning. We started this tradition in 2020 as a way of sharing music for the season when we weren’t playing it out in the world, and we continued in 2021. This year we’re asking that, instead of sending us money, you pay it forward to one of the following organizations:


Local musical goodness:

the Rich Harney Jazz Festival -

Local musicians’ health goodness:

Health Alliance for Austin Musicians -

Local housing goodness:

Global health goodness:


How it works: send us an email via the contact page on this website and we’ll put you on the list. Every day from December 1-24th, we’ll send you an mp3 of us playing a song we like - jazz, classical, Christmas, whatever strikes our fancy. You send $25 to one of the above, or to a charity of your choice, honor system.

We all have a very merry Christmas!